Please book ahead. Turn-around time is typically 2-3 weeks from the booking of a session.

*Important -when booking, mention if multiple master formats are required: web masters, cd, vinyl pre-masters, MFiT (mastered for iTunes), radio singles, instrumentals...

Lacquer master for vinyl -contact us for more information

To reserve a date for mastering, please download and complete the Session Reservation Form (xls file)
and e-mail to:

Click here for secure Wetransfer link for uploading mixes

We recommend that you contact us as soon as you are ready to begin mixing
-never a bad idea to submit rough mixes during your mix process (no charge), and can often save time (money) in the long run

The recommended approach to mastering a full length record is a 2 part session over a few days:
First session: principle mastering and sequence -client leaves with a reference cd-r or .wav files, or in the case of an unattended session approval masters are uploaded to the client.

Follow up session:
(with a few days in between to evaluate master in familiar systems)
music and sequence fine-tuning and master output

*always listen closely to your master before sending off to press

Cancellations- advise a minimum of 48hrs prior to session.
Please notify of any scheduling changes as soon as you are aware


Mastering time/cost varies according to the number of songs, running time, mix format and consistency, and of course the degree of work required.

As an example, a 10-12 songs/ 40-50 min. album typically runs between 650$-850$, including CD pressing master (PMCD or DDPi) and web masters (.wav files ready to be uploaded to your chosen web aggregator/ digital distributor).
*This is just an estimate, please email for a specific quote.

-completion of the booking form and mix examples are most
helpful in establishing a budget (preferably 24bit .wav rather than mp3)

MFiT (mastered for iTunes high resolution masters) and Vinyl pre-masters require extra preparation and are billed separately.
Tape layback will add 1.5-2 hrs to a session.
Other work that requires more time/ can incur extra charge -extensive editing or de-noising, mix changes/substitutions after mastering has begun, mastering of instrumentals or alternate versions.

Rush and attended sessions are billed at 100$/hr.
off-hour flat rates available for independent projects
*at the discretion and availability of the engineer.

*Payment in full due upon delivery of production masters.

*International clients are billed in U.S. dollars.
(a 250$ deposit may be required to book a session)

Accepted payment methods:
Canadian clients
- Interac Email Transfer
- Cheque, Cash

International clients
-Paypal (for U.S. clients a 2.9% fee will be added to invoice total;
all other Int'l clients a 4.25% fee will be added to invoice total)
-Bank draft or transfer (client is responsible for all associated transaction fees)


Grey Market Mastering is located atop
the Mile End district of Montréal
at 110 VanHorne Ave-
the Hotel2Tango / Constellation Records building
(S-W. corner of Van Horne and St Urbain, at the foot of the Rosemont overpass)

*Entrance at the Rear of the building, via the parking lot -access from St Urban street.

Easily accessible via bus no. 55, 80, 160, 161 & the Rosemont metro station

See the location on Google Maps

Deliveries / Shipping:
ryan morey mastering
110 Van Horne,
(Rear Entrance)
Montreal, Qc
H2T 2J3

*Couriers call 514.616.5691 to confirm delivery times