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Accepted Mixdown Formats
- 1/4" & 1/2" analog 2 track (*see 'analog tape' below)
- Data files (wav, aiff, sdll )
- Audio CD
- Analog compact cassette (stereo only)

Carefully identify all media, folders & files, mix versions, sample rates...

If you wish to have codes embedded on your CD production master,
you must obtain them prior to the mastering session. For canadian
artists and labels they can be requested on-line at the following website:
for all other countries see Links page

Analog Tape:
Include tape speed & record level in nWb/m
For 15 ips indicate IEC or NAB Eq, along with any special playback adjustments)
Alignment tones: 1K, 100Hz, 10K essential (at least 30 seconds of each).
50Hz or 60Hz, 15K or 16K strongly encouraged (no dolby please)


The following is a guide to help prepare your mixes for mastering.

Other Suggestions